Updated on 2nd February 2018 at 9:22 am


The practice is experiencing a GP recruitment crisis despite our efforts to recruit since September 2017.  Since Dr May retired in December the practice is working with 3 days less of GP time.  This means we have approximately 72 fewer appointments to offer our patients.  Our team of GPs are doing their best to manage the increased work load which doesn’t just stop at the 72 fewer appointments.  Our GPs are picking up the additional work with home visits, prescription queries and patient call backs.

We have GP locums working at the practice in February and March to help with the demand and patients will be offered an appointment with the Locum first.  The reason for this is to enable our own GP team to manage the on-going paperwork such as reading lab results, dealing with call backs and telephone enquiries.

It is very important that our GPs are given this protected time to ensure that we offer our patients a safe service.  Having tired GPs is not safe or sustainable.  We hope you will support us during this very difficult time.