ADHD Medications Shortage

Updated on 10th October 2023 at 5:41 pm


ADHD Medications Shortage

There are current (October 2023) issues with supplies of medications for patients with ADHD.

This is a changing situation but due to the nature of these medications (being controlled drugs, being started by a specialist and continued by the practice) it does mean a quick switch to another medication is not possible.

If you are on one of these medications we would suggest the following is followed

  • Check your current supply of medication to see how many days you have left.
  • Contact your PHARMACY to see if they are having supply problems with your particular type of drug.
  • If they do have supply problems please speak to the Pharmacy about what they can do or try a different pharmacy.
  • If the pharmacy has no supply and the request needs to come back to the practice please ask them to provide a list of what is currently available. Practices may need to then contact the Specialist teams which may then cause some delay in getting a prescription so it’s important to not leave this until the last minute as this may then result in you having to go without the medication.
  • Please remember booking an appointment to see a Health care professional is often NOT the best way to deal with these queries so we would encourage you to use the eConsult feature via this website.